Announcing: The Sunday Supplement

A rare Wednesday email

Hi friends,

This will be a very brief email, and it’s really just for anybody who missed Saturday’s announcement. Beginning this weekend, I’m going to start publishing a Sunday edition for paying subscribers called “The Sunday Supplement.”

And there’s a 30% discount that’s good through Saturday for anybody who’s been reading these tiny essays thus far.

(If you read last Saturday’s email, you can ignore the rest here.)

Basically, I’ve been writing these newsletters since April, and it’s been really enjoyable. I like speaking to people directly. And I guess I like writing in a way that’s both tight and loose at the same time. Something about the simplicity of the medium both lowers and raises expectations. It’s fun.

But writing is also how I make my bread and butter, or at least how I pay for bread and butter. So, here’s the plan. As an author and magazine writer, part of my job is to consume media. Books, movies, magazines. Poems, articles, podcasts. Gallery shows, TV shows, foreign radio shows.

In addition, my roles at The Morning News and The Tournament of Books mean I’m constantly finding all kinds of weird stuff bubbling up on the web.

The Saturday morning essays will stay free. But for a little money each month, you can support my career – seriously: thank you – and receive, in turn, a bulletin each Sunday morning that I’m calling “The Sunday Supplement.” It’ll have three recommendations: a mini-essay about something I’ve loved or am currently loving, plus two other things I strongly recommend. There will also be a comments section for subscribers, where we can discuss said media late into the night.

Finally, one additional tier. A couple people reached out this summer offering to pay to subscribe to this newsletter, and they offered way more than I would have expected. If you’re one of those people, there’s a Patron of the Arts tier for $250. Which includes:

  • Inscribed copies of two of my books, mailed to whomever or wherever you’d like

  • My great gratitude, plus enormous karma points, if I can grant them (?)

So, if you’d like to support me and keep these newsletters humming, plus discover three great things each week you might love, you can:

Once again, thank you so much.

All the best,

What the what? “Meditations in an Emergency” is a Saturday morning newsletter by novelist Rosecrans Baldwin, with (very) short essays about things he finds beautiful. “The Sunday Supplement,” coming soon for paying subscribers, is a weekly recommendation bulletin of three great things.

Rosecrans’s new book, Everything Now: Lessons From the City-State of Los Angeles, is available from BookshopAmazon, or your local shop. Any other books mentioned in this newsletter are featured on this list.