"In Switzerland" (1908), John Singer Sargent

Good morning

Around March 2020, I had the idea to write a short essay each morning on something beautiful. It would be in a style reminiscent of the poet Frank O’Hara, who wrote poetry on his lunch break, hence his 1964 book Lunch Poems.

I forgot the idea a few minutes later.

In March 2021, I remembered it again and decided it would be a nice thing to try. The title, “Meditations in an Emergency,” is borrowed from a Frank O’Hara poem. It’s evolved into a couple things:

  1. A micro-essay sent Saturday mornings, three weekends a month, about something I find beautiful.

  2. For paying supporters: A Sunday supplement bulleting with three-plus ideas of things to love – films, apps, clothes, books, writing stuff, kitchen stuff, camping gear, et al. No paid placements lol 💀

  3. Also for paying supporters: A longer essay once a month dispatched from the wilderness somewhere, to kickstart your wanderlust.

  4. Finally, any “Founding Supporters” receive copies of two of my books inscribed to whomever, shipping included, of their choice.

Some of people’s favorite posts from the “meditations” are A single painting, Animals being animals, A metal thermos, and My ode to a Swiss breakfast.

I guess the big hope is that, beneath all of this, you’ll subscribe because you want to support my career and help me put more projects out into the world. For which you have my very sincere appreciation.

It is all low-key. Thanks for reading.

What the what

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